Tyler's 2022 Pennsylvania PUBLIC LAND Turkey Hunt (2023)


Pennsylvania public land mountain bird hunt. The boys get out for a quick morning hunt before they have to be at work. It pays off and still made it to work on time.


All right? Well, it's the fourth morning of pennsylvania, um, we've been into some birds, but we haven't made it happen yet yesterday, we worked some birds and actually they were weren't.

We called them in the shotgun range, but they were just over a little bent.

So we never ended up getting a shot off so jacob he's heading to hunt.

Those birds to see if they're roosting in that area.

I was heading up to hunt a bird that we've been having roosted in the same area.

But I get up here and there's a guy in the parking spot that I needed to be at where the bird is.

So I just called jacob my head down and meet him and hunt the birds we hunted yesterday with him.

So hopefully we'll hear him, but I gotta go to work at uh, 6, 30.

So it might not happen.

My sit before he falls down, uh, oh, killing killing.

Are you serious? Funny? Are you serious? Good job? Buddy, good job, hey, I'm.

So oh, my god, you dusted me.

Boy, I had a tree in my way he was right on the log.


I had a tree right now I'm like are you as soon as you walk out and hurt your car.

Yeah, boom.

Posted him, too look him up there.

Hey, I'm.


Hold on one second, that's.

The first turkey I've killed since 2018 and I'm gonna make it to work one time, dude, I thought he's gonna buckle him cause his feet hit the ground, dude, he didn't even land.

Yet he said, busty, this is definitely one of them yesterday over here.

We'll give a little story time here in a minute when he wants to be done doing what he's doing he's having pretty good shots.

Oh, my god.

And it went right on the trailer you're, killing them.

I literally looked back.

I said, I said, he's gonna land right on top of it.

Did you see him as soon as he took off? Or did you hear me? I heard you and then I seen him come dude.

I watched him it was like he was coming right at me.

I thought he had his peg there for a second because he got he stopped and was really looking.

And I was like man, I hope jake's got him because I'm getting this sucker to gobble.

And do I said, I can't believe that I thought you had him.

No, I couldn't see him at all you'll see.

I mean, he's behind.

He went behind some big tree.

And then I knew that I wasn't going to see him by the time.

He was shooting, yeah, that's.

Why I said because you couldn't see me went up above the wall right here.

I mean, I could see this much of his head, but that's it.

Because at one point, he really stuck out my phone right there, um, like I had there was times I had him, but I had narrower windows, and I didn't want to shoot through.

And then when he stepped right here, you see, it was a wide open shot.

And even then he just had broke.

I wanted to let him come down in here.

So I could see his full body, but when he looked up one and I thought he'd see me, but then he did go and strut.


Well, see I I knew you were going to have a clean shot over here.

But I knew if you didn't shoot in there, there was no way of me ever filming that turkey, yeah, dude.

And I was scared.

Right? He flew down.

I looked down cameras out.

So I didn't even have my hand on it.

I was all gone was through this.

And then I seen his head go down the little lower focus, I'm still shaking.

I started shaking.

You said, he's, still in the tree.

I was like well, he's gonna fly down like let me see was he not 10 feet off the ground? Well, see, I think what happened? It seemed like it because he was, he was probably in one of these trees on this bench like we were talking about, yeah, but he would I could see all them trees in there.

If you go sit where I was, I could see all the tops, and he was not in there, dude, I'm.

So glad remember when you said about sitting down that rock, yeah, I was like I'm.

So glad that I told you, I think he looked down at the truck one time, and he was like what's that shining down there, dude, walk up 100 yards from the truck.

First thing in the morning, six nine, six zero, nine.

I got 20 minutes.

I gotta get to work.

God, damn, big old, long, beard, too.

He stuck his chest down a beard like this.

I said, I wish it would have been on video, dude, it was perfect.

Were you just trying to get his head? You stick up loose.


I want because I thought you had him.

And what we talked about with your kansas bird.

I was like everything was perfect.

Except I just wanted him to gobble.

It's still gonna be a wild.

Yeah, cause you're gonna hear him gobble and then dude that that's a that's 11 inch beard.

Buddy, yeah, that's, dude, that sucker's head is so big.

I mean, you hear his gobble.

It was like, oh, oh there's a big.

Daddy, one see when they get them fat heads like that, they're, they're, fattening, all skinny, looking issue, dude, I'm, not at the car.

I don't know where this guy is, but that's funny I'm, glad that happened to him.

Well, thank you.


I appreciate it man that was freaking awesome.

Do you think about it? Dude, call four and four days.

Yeah, yeah.

We didn't say, but yesterday, we'll probably throw some clips back.

We were up in here yesterday and uh, it was it rained until about what eight o'clock.

And we got up in here about eight o'clock and got on these birds, and we had them in shotgun range yesterday, but they were down over the hill.

So we figured we'd come back and see where they were.


I can't believe he's.

The only turkey in here makes me wonder if the rest of them were dick.

So yeah, there was definitely two long beers yesterday.

I wonder if he roosted there because dude, this is weird, how he's like completely by itself, that's that's the tree.

You sat out right there.

Yeah, this is a trio yesterday.

You literally shot him at the tree.

I sat at yeah, literally.

The turkey was laying right here.

Yeah, right there.

Well, they'll see it in the video too yesterday are they sat here like this? This was me yesterday right here because there's that pine tree and the turkeys were right here.

Yeah, they were literally right over.

Yeah, we didn't really do a good job videoing, but they're right over this.

Now that it's not foggy.

I can see a lot further, dude, it's even funnier.

I wasn't supposed to come with you.

I don't know, dude, I was smoking with those 20.

We got a different.

Turkey, we're, hunting and uh, I went after him, but there was a guy parked there.

I called jacob he's like it took me like 20 minutes to get over here.

And I was flying and um, I get over here.

When I come up the road, I see his truck pulled off, and I was like dang.

It I'll pull up jacob.

I said, see that guy down there? He said, no, I was like well, he'd come by you and then parked and he's like yes, it's, literally, a god park passed us and parked like 150 yards down the road, but he's probably not happy right now.


So if this makes it even funnier as you all know, someone stole our hunting crap.

So we called in four and 40.

I mean, I may have missed one, but with a mouth call and a shotgun going on four days in a row working birds.

Yeah, who needs all that fancy stuff.

Anyway, buddy, yeah.

And the day, [, __, ] missed his.

It was when was that two days ago, tuesday, yeah, two days ago, two days ago, and I have this camera after kansas.

So I could empty his car and download the footage.

So he didn't even have the camera for that day and uh.

So that that won't be on film, but yeah, so pennsylvania, well, what you got him sunday, oh, yeah, I got him sunday or no god on saturday killed one maryland with you didn't have the camera either freaking right? Man, dude, did I find a honey hole up here? Or what it really is? I like this right here because the mountain ain't, big, hey, that's, that's.

My new weapon.

Now, yeah, do smoking? Yeah, yeah.

Either one of us would have missed out when I'd have been waiting he's 25 yards.

Oh, yeah, I had to step it off.


I literally looked back.

I was like he's gonna fly right on top of us.

Dude when I seen him pitch that's, why I said kill him like I meant like as soon as he hit, because I didn't know, he's gonna land here.

I thought he was coming down too he's like that's.

Not me.

I thought he was gonna land right like when I threw my gun up, I I'm, literally through my gunner and I'm like following the bird down.

I hope the camera got him though because I didn't know it was out of focus that whole time what flying down.

Yeah, I think we got what we need literally flew down.

This was me because like I was sitting there coming here.

Oh, it flew down and I'm like look at that it's like out of focus I'm like are you for real.

And I was like, please head under that law, dude, that's.

It that's a big turkey.

I like to weigh that sucker.

I bet she's 25.

I guarantee you, dude, this sucker's got a pretty family come on, dude, his head's.

So big is don't.

It don't get no better than that.

Dude bus two like right off the roof.

Yeah, literally, mine flew down smoke.

Yours flew down on that rock.

Right? There? How's.

He looking everybody prom.

Does he yeah, um.

This is crazy.

I ain't killed a turkey since 2018.

How many years is that 20 22 so four years? And the last one I killed was a jake in pennsylvania in 18.

And then I killed that long beard in wyoming, dude, I told you you just gotta keep at it.

You'll kill them.

Sucker it's, easy to get discouraged.

Thank you.

How one day I don't hear one and yeah, yeah.

They ain't.

Even there them.

Suckers are there? Yeah, like them.

Other turkeys, dude, there was like probably five or six, probably over six goblin turkeys in here.

Yesterday, mm-hmm.

I cannot believe you shot him at the tree that we literally sat at yeah.


I thought when we were walking up here, I had that in my head, I was like man.

I'd like to get right where we were yesterday.

And then we just did a good thing.

We didn't.

He just flew right on top of us.

Yeah, I didn't he'd have seen us.

I think two little yelps.

All it took you're a turkey in kansas, too, oh, yelp.

Well, tree, yelp.

Well, you did three on your bird, dude, when you do that little soft tree yelp and they gobble, you know, they're coming to you, yeah, because they usually don't gobble, yeah, like even like your in first one, I got the goggles in my outfit, yeah, because we ain't gotta freaking out because it's, stolen, literally, all I got for turkey, hunting equipment.

This right here.

God, damn man, well, I guess I'm glad I got out of bed.

You can still go kill one yet.

Oh, I gotta get to work.

I shouldn't have went today.

Anyway, yeah.

I better keep watching the clock, 6, 19 get some pictures.

Well, we're getting some pictures.

And we got to get to work.

Um, I think we said, all we needed to say, our stuff got stolen we're still out here, killing turkeys.

We ain't done yet either we ain't done yet it's got three tags, kill him at six tagged and bagged as jig would say, it's, like you said in kansas, though it happened.

Turkey hunt happened so fast.

You won't get to enjoy it like on the ground, not even a minute little hornet's nest action.

I thought it's missing.


What is the hardest state to turkey hunt? ›

Brian Lovett | Alabama, South Carolina, and Louisiana

And as three places go, I'll pick Alabama, South Carolina, and Louisiana. Alabama is difficult for specific reasons, he says. I think those areas are tough because they have populations of turkeys that have been hunted so hard for so long, Lovett says.

What's the best time of day to hunt turkey? ›

Again, mornings generally provide faster and hotter action with vocal birds, making it the preferred time to turkey hunt.

Is it better to hunt turkey in the morning or Evening? ›

The best time of year to hunt Turkey will also depend largely on what state you're hunting in, but generally falls between early spring and mid-to-late fall. Time of Day: Since Turkeys make their nest in trees and on the ground in wooded areas, one of the best times of day to hunt is first thing in the morning.

Can you shoot two turkeys in one day in PA? ›

Statewide, the bearded turkey season runs April 29 to May 13 when birds can be hunted a half hour before sunrise to noon. The daily limit is one bearded bird, and the season limit is two.

What state is number one in turkeys? ›

Minnesota produced by far the most turkeys of any state in 2021—raising approximately 40.5 million birds (or 1.04 billion pounds) last year.

What is the easiest state to hunt in? ›

Top 10 Most Hunter Friendly States
  1. Alaska. Hunters love Alaska, and with hunting generating billions of dollars of economic impact yearly, it's safe to say that Alaska loves hunters.
  2. Montana. ...
  3. Idaho. ...
  4. South Dakota. ...
  5. North Dakota. ...
  6. Wisconsin. ...
  7. Minnesota. ...
  8. Wyoming. ...
Jul 24, 2019

What month is best to hunt turkey? ›

A turkey's peak breeding season is in the spring. Hunters are targeting male gobblers. This time frame is when the toms are strutting around and showing off to attract the hens, making spring the best time to hunt turkeys. April - May is prime turkey season for most states and states like Florida are as early as March.

How long should you sit when turkey hunting? ›

If I'm in a good spot, I discipline myself to sit for at least 30 minutes, more if I feel confident. That's not to say that if you'd given it one more minute, you'd have killed the bird that sneaked in on you, but staying longer is better than leaving too soon.

Where do you aim a turkey? ›

If your gun shoots true, you should aim at point A, at the bottom of the turkey wattles; the thick, fleshy part of the neck (a.k.a. caruncles). A portion of your shot pattern should go into both the head and neck. (Never Miss a Gobbler Again!)

Where is the best turkey hunting in PA? ›

There are decent turkey hunting seasons happening in 49 of the 50 states. And in Pennsylvania, Tioga Ranch is the best place to find them! Turkey hunting has received favorable exposure via TV shows, and it's the kind of hunting people can do with minimal expenditure.

How many shells can you have in your gun for turkey hunting? ›

Can I use it for turkey hunting too? A: Yes, California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 14, section 311(a) authorizes use of a shotgun, 10-gauge or smaller, using shot shells only and incapable of holding more than three shells in the magazine and chamber combined.

Can you shoot a turkey off the roost in PA? ›

Can you use airsoft on turkey in pa? mentored youth hunting. bird off the roost is 100% legal.

What is the best turkey hunting state? ›

Texas. The old adage of everything is bigger in Texas rings true in regard to turkey hunting this state. With the largest population in the U.S.— over half a million birds—there's no doubt Texas could be the best place to take a true Rio Grande.

What are the top 3 states for turkey? ›

The leading turkey-producing states include North Carolina, Minnesota, Indiana, Missouri, and Arkansas. These states benefit from a combination of favorable climate conditions, available land, and well-established agricultural infrastructure that supports the large-scale raising of turkeys for meat.

What is the hardest state to hunt? ›

The states with the worst deer hunting are Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

What are the top 5 states with the most turkeys? ›

In 2021, U.S. total turkey production was tallied at 216.5 million birds raised, equaling to 5.558 billion pounds. According to USDA, the top turkey producing states are Minnesota, North Carolina, Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri, Virginia, Iowa and California.

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