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Foreign welcome back to my channel.

So today we have an annual unboxing of the loxitan Advent calendar I have it right here.

This is their luxury Beauty Advent calendar, um It's actually an advent box this year.

So I'm gonna be unboxing this and showing you everything that's in it if you're new.

Here then hello.

Welcome I have plenty of different advent calendar unboxing videos I'll, leave them linked down below as well as articles um on my blog and videos here about the looks 10 fragrances.

And if you're a regular viewer do check to see if you're subscribed and you can give the video, a thumbs up that really helps me down below in the description box you will find the link to where you can buy this.

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Empress, which is out now.

Cool so looks 10 have a number of Advent calendars like they do most years.

Um this one is like their second one.

They have a classic one, which is 50 five pounds with 101.

Pounds worth of products in this.

One here is the luxury one.

This is 99 pounds with 132 pounds of products in they also have a reusable one, which is super cute, that's, 165 and that's got 235 pound 50 worth of products in.

And you could also get a refill last year.

They did a Advent calendar, um that was reusable.

So rather than buying the packaging each year they do a refill.

So you can refill your own Advent calendar, that's 120 pounds with 197 pounds worth of stuff in it.

And then they do have a giant one, which is online only which is 510 pounds worth 677 and it's full of like full-size products.

So if you're a mad L'occitane fan, you could get your whole year's supply in that one cool.

So this, um, luxury one.

It says, go on a treasure hunt for the 24 surprises hidden in the calendar and I always love the designs on Knox term.

We've got like little squirrels and bats and little animal all over it.

I love that.


So this um is very cool.

Opens up and it's like a really long box that unfolds really really cute, um, I, really like that.

I think that's, really pretty, you know, you'd have it in your hallway or wherever you you put your Advent calendar and it's like a decoration in itself.

So let's find number one it's.

Number one is like a little farmer, picking I think like picking flowers or tea leaves, oh and that's cute.

And they've got little you can write a message on the back.

If you want okay.

So the first one is ultra Rich body cream.

So and that's a 50 mil so that's, pretty good size.


This is your everyday cream.


Cream, it's, very unisex, slightly powdery like baby.

Powder, type smell, definitely unisex.

I think that's.

The looks tank hand.

Wonders are very unisex.

And so you can, you know, unwrap them have them for the whole family or whatever.

So excuse and number two has this green and red star on it.

And this one has their shampoo micellar shampoo, um, I've used this in the past actually it's 35 Mill, um it's, a nice like refreshing cleansing shampoo because that looks tan shop smell.


So number three has a sort of test tube with a flower in it on it interesting.

And this is their oil to milk makeup remover, oh, that's, really handy, it's a really handy size for, um traveling and stuff.

30, mil, yeah, face eyes lips, woodproof makeup.

Um, yeah, very very handly.

I, love.

These oily ones that turn to milk as well.

Okay, number four.


So this is their Immortal, um Emulsion like morning and evening on clean dry face.

So this is like their sort of very unisex every day, um moisturizer for like normal skin, kind of like their body cream.

Pin number five, ah, flirty, three, cherry.

Blossom, bath and shower.

Gel, yeah, I love.

The smell of this it's.

Their classic cherry.

Blossom always makes me smile.

The cherry blossom range from looks tan.


So number six is, oh great.

The um flirtishery, um, oh shimmering lotion.

So it's, not just normal body lotion, it's shimmering.

So it adds a little bit of a a glisten gleam to your skin that's, super cute and 35 ml again.


Number seven has like a sort of Tudor Rose there.

And this is their classic hand cream for dry skin.

20 shea butter, I use these they're so handy in your handbag.

And because they are a tube as you use them up, they take up less space, which I appreciate.


Number eight is, ah, light, comforting cream, five percent.


So this is for I think you can use this on your face, I think it's very light cream.

Perhaps if you have, um, oily skin or it's, not really that dry combination skin.

Something just refreshing it's kind of thing.

Perhaps good for a man I would say kit.

Number nine.

We have like a lady watering the ground.

Yep, number nine is the Almond tan lotion.

This is an even smaller size even better for traveling or in your handbag.

And the Almond stuff has such really nice like deep, almond smell.


Number 10.

Ah, is there shower? Oil, I've just finished my bottle of this actually, um it's, really weird because it's an oil, but it does still lather up when you use it, um, but it feels very very moisturizing because of the oil, but it doesn't feel greasy it's, really nice.

And it has that that warm almond smell as well.

Okay, number 11.

looks like a mask or, oh, no crunchy.

Musily, scrub, exfoliant, oh, gosh with almond oil from Provence.

And so it's, a little packet of muisely scrub, that's.

Interesting I've, not tried that formulated from 95, naturally derived ingredients, ideal for exfoliating.

No kidding, um, reducing parents of ingrown.

Hairs, oh, okay.

Cool I don't know if that's new or maybe I just seen it before.

Okay, 12.

We've got again, a sort of test tube type Vibe.

And this is the body, milk, almond, body, milk, um.

So you can use this all over I use it as a hand cream as well.

If I want something quite light because the little sizes as well, they're, um, I could take it around with me, 50 ml, though and you get quite a lot in quite a small package.

Okay, 13, we've got the sort of Tudor roses are back, hmm, cocoon.

This Serenity, relaxing pillow, Mist, um, I, love.

A good pillow.

Mist it's, probably lavender, it's, quite sort of herbal lavendery, really nice.

These are great for if you're trying to get to sleep.

You struggle to sleep or for flights and things like that.

Yeah, I love a good pillow.




We've got a an eye watching us.

So oh cute.

So this is the Vivienne ode toilette.

This is one of the most famous fragrances it's a very very light, but sharp sherbet, lemon type, scent.

It literally is just so lemony, it's perfect for really hot humid days, it's, very much summertime, very unisex as well it's.

The kind of thing you can just spread in.

You just feel really refreshed and it's, an eau de toilet it's, very light.

It's, yeah, it's just really refreshing.

We just did a video actually on this and two other versions of it as well.

Okay, 15 is the extreme gentle soap, milk with shea butter.

So I can smell it actually it's, really quite strong smell, very that sheer butter smell that soapy smell.


Their soaps are really thick, good quality.

They feel very moisturizing it.

Okay, 16.

So this is their shower oil, but rather than the Almond one.

This is 10 sheer oil.

So again, very moisturizing.

This is a little bit smaller good for traveling okay, 17.

Oh, this is their shampoo I've had this as well before.

And this one has all these essential oils in it's really nice when you use it, you get this really like calming, herbally, aromatic feel.


18 is their conditioner again, the with the essential oils.

So you get that really lovely, cozy aromatic feel feel like you've been to a spa when you've just been to your own bathroom Okay, 19 again, with the test tube, oh what's.

This wooden comb looks Tom wooden comb.

Okay, there we go reminds me a little bit of the ones that you get free in a um Hotel.

Well, I know, Steven uses these so it's quite a nice one better than using plastic.

Okay, 20., oh, new rolly and Orchid.

Eau de toilette.

This is a really pretty eau de toilette and it's quite floral white florally, um kind of reminds me of a English Country Garden.

You know lily of the valley that type of thing very feminine very green fresh okay.

21 that's got, a nice Christmas star.

On it oh great so this is Florida Sheree hand cream it's the cherry blossom hand cream my favorite hand cream smells sweet blossomy super feminine exciting okay 22.

oh I know what this is the night reset serum The Immortal reset um The Immortal creams are so lovely I have um the whole range of them that I use in these little travel size ones are great they have a really lovely smell and they're really they just make your skin feel really good sort of their sort of hero skincare products so that's great to have it in a little travel size and 23, is their Immortal cream.

Um, Divine this is like it's quite expensive to buy it.

So this is a really good gift that they've given here.

Um, it's like a really rich, um cream.

That you sort of put on and I use it at night.

Time and really like moisturizing and enriching and anti-aging and it's one of all sorts of awards and things as well.

And it comes in this little like honey pot, which is cute okay.

And 24 comes in this much darker very serious Packaging and 24 is solid shampoo.

60 grams all hair types.

So I think, oh, wow, oh it's.

A very aromatic, smell, definitely very unisex.

Wow, that's.

An interesting smell, it's, quite um, like invigorating.

I get a bit of citrus in there as well chamomile Citrus and lavender.

Yeah, it's got all the sort of, um, Rosemary essential oils in naturally derived sugar, complex respects, the scalp and maintains its Natural Balance.

So yeah, that's cute, that's, um, cute I've, not actually had a solid shampoo before.


So, yeah, those are the 24 days in the luxem Advent calendar, I think there's plenty there to keep you going throughout the whole year and getting all the travel minis is good I really like that.

You know, everything in there is something that can be used it's all, um, unisex, it's.

Nothing that's like only for men, um, which is good because I'm, not a man and, um, yeah, I just love the loxitan products and I think that I think calendars are really great.


So another year in another great Knox, tan, Advent calendar of my view, but guys, let me know have you tried any of the locks 10 Advent calendars, which is your favorite, which one would you get, and which of the products do you like as well, let me know in the comments I do read your comments, but that's it guys.

So thanks so much for watching as always and I will see you in the next video bye.


What is inside the Loccitane advent calendar? ›

Premium Advent Calendar

Unbox our best, including travel and full-sized versions of nourishing shea-enriched formulas, powerful anti-aging serums and creams, deliciously-scented almond body products, signature hand creams and more.

What comes in the essence advent calendar 2022? ›

In the limited essence advent calendar, 24 happy moments are waiting to be discovered: 21 original size products & 3 mini nail polishes Small spoiler: The advent calendar contains a moisturising sheer lipstick, eye patches in star shape and an x-mas highlighter.

What is the most expensive Dior advent calendar? ›

But for some reason, the most expensive Advent calendars of the season tend to end up flopping. This year, TikTokers are unboxing the $3,500 “Trunk Of Dreams” from Dior and, spoiler alert, the numbers don't add up. Here's what's in Dior's $3,500 Advent calendar for 2022, and why people on TikTok are so confused.

Why do Advent calendars have chocolate in them? ›

According to AdventofChange.com, Gerhard Lang is widely credited as the creator of the first printed Advent calendars, and based his idea on a childhood tradition where his mother would help him countdown to Christmas by attaching 24 sweets to cardboard squares.

What is inside Tiffany advent calendar? ›

Think Inside the Box

x Andy Warhol Advent Calendar opens to reveal 24 remarkable gifts—from dazzling diamonds to showstopping jewellery—complete with numbered hangtags featuring the artist's work. A feat of consummate craftsmanship, each Advent Calendar was crafted over a span of 50 hours from sustainable wood.

What is the most expensive advent calendar 2022? ›

The most expensive advent calendars money can buy: From Net-a-Porter, Selfridges & more
  • Wedgwood Christmas Advent Calendar 2022, £675, John Lewis. ...
  • Jewellery Advent Calendar, £25,000, Ingle & Rhode. ...
  • Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar, £999.95, Master of Malt.
Oct 28, 2022

How much is Dior advent calendar? ›

Forget Chanel — Dior's $3,500 Advent Calendar Sparks Outrage.

Is Harrods advent calendar worth it? ›

Harrods. With 22 of the 25 products full-size, this year's Harrods calendar is one of the weightiest of the year. In fact, the contents are worth over four times the price tag – £1136 to be precise – and feature just-about every must-know beauty brand.

Does Louis Vuitton do advent calendar? ›

Louis Vuitton Advent Calendar 2021 - Authentic.

Does Chanel do an advent calendar? ›

Fast forward to 2021, when Chanel decided to release its first ever Advent calendar in honor of the company turning 100. Shaped like a giant bottle of the brand's iconic perfume, it retailed for a whopping $825.

Does Chanel have an advent calendar? ›

Retailing for the price of US$825, Chanel's 2021 Advent calendar is the subject of lively debate on social networks, after a critical unboxing video was released on TikTok.

Is the number 7 advent calendar worth it? ›

The verdict: No7 the ultimate beauty advent calendar

But if hydrating and rejuvinating formulas and the visible signs of aging are high on your agenda when it comes to skincare, the No7 countdown is well worth a look.

Why is there no 25 on an advent calendar? ›

Because Advent ends on Christmas Eve. Christmas official starts on the 25th of December and goes through to January 6 (the old date of Christmas). This the 12 days of Christmas. Many countries have traditionally focused on the lead up to Christmas, and modern societies do the same.

Are advent calendars a British thing? ›

The popular tradition of advent calendars arose in Germany in the late 1800s and soon spread throughout Europe and North America. Originally, the images in Advent calendars were came from the Hebrew Bible. An Advent Candle has 25 marks. Every day it is lit and is burned down by one mark each day.

Do you start chocolate advent calendar at 1 or 24? ›

Do you start at one or 24? Well, historically, it seems the correct way to start is with one. This means you're not technically counting down until Christmas, you're counting up.

What and where from is the most expensive advent calendar? ›

This year, jewellery house Tiffany & Co. presents the most expensive advent calendar to date, costing around € 120,000. This incredibly costly purchase contains nothing but 24 amazing pieces, some adorned with diamonds.

How much is the most expensive advent calendar? ›

Porsche Design has just unveiled their latest advent calendar which will be sold for 1 Million USD each and just a single piece per continent will be available. The world's most expensive advent calendar measures 1.75 meters in height and is made from brushed aluminum with double-coat finish surfaces.

What is number 1 in an advent calendar? ›

1 is the first day to count down the days of Advent, the religious days leading up to Christmas Eve.

What color is the 4th Sunday of Advent 2022? ›

Fourth Advent Candle/Sunday: Love

Called the “Angel's Candle,” the fourth candle of Advent is lit the Sunday before Christmas, and it is the color purple, leading us to eagerly await the new Kingdom of God on earth.

What are the 4 Advent symbols? ›

The laurel signifies victory over persecution and suffering. The pine, holly, and yew signify immortality and the cedar signifies strength and healing. The pine cones that decorate the wreath symbolize life and resurrection.

Is Advent mentioned in the Bible? ›

From the first story in the Bible to the last, we see narratives, poetry, prophecy, biographies, and personal letters that inform our understanding of Advent in unique ways. Whenever the Bible talks about humans waiting and hoping for God to act, it can deepen our understanding of Advent (e.g., Amos 9:11-13).

What is inside Sephora Advent calendar? ›

Inside The 2022 Sephora Advent Calendar:
  • Mini Big By Definition Defining & Volumizing Mascara.
  • Mini Eyeliner Pencil To Go in Intense Black.
  • Two eyeshadow singles in Flawless and No Place Like Home.
  • Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick in Always Red.
  • Mini Lip Liner To Go in Classic Red.
Nov 10, 2022

What is inside Yankee Candle Advent Calendar? ›

Every day reveals a different gift, including a Advent Calendar exclusive Signature Small Tumbler Candle, Original Small Jar Candle, 12 Filled Votive Candles, 8 Scented Tea Light Candles, 1 Wick Trimmer, 1 Candle Snuffer and 1 Tea Light Candle Holder.

How much does a Tiffany and Co Advent calendar cost? ›

Because if your significant other is a particular fan of the Turquoise and Silver-adorned brand, Tiffany and Co. have released their 2021 Advent Calendar, and at a cool $200,000, it's chocked full of obscenely expensive gifts to make this Christmas the most unforgettable yet.

What is in Dior Advent calendar 2022? ›

Undoubtedly a luxurious investment, the products inside include 5ml j'adore eau de parfum, 5ml Miss Dior eau de parfum, rouge Dior velvet finish lipstick in 999 and 100 shades, 10ml capture totale super potent serum, 4ml Diorshow iconic overcurl mascara, 7ml Dior vernis nail varnish in 999, a 35g ambre nuit candle, ...

How much is the Trader Joe's advent calendar 2022? ›

What will you find inside Trader Joe's 12 Days of Beauty Advent calendar? You can find the calendar in the beauty aisle of your local Trader Joe's for $19.99––but not for long.

How much is the Dior Advent Calendar 2022 worth? ›

The Dior advent calendar 2022 costs around $650 USD without tax, so each product comes to $27 USD, a fair price for some of the more valuable items included in the calendar.

How much is Kylie Jenner advent calendar worth? ›

The calendar is a value of $213.50 and priced at $125. Purchase yours HERE. For more specials and offers, visit their site HERE. This limited edition Kylie Cosmetics Holiday collection '12 Days of Kylie Advent Calendar' features some of the celebrity-influencer's top selling, fan-favorite makeup and skincare products.

How much is Kylie skin advent calendar? ›

The Kylie Cosmetics 12 Days Advent Calendar Holiday Set costs $180 and has a dozen coveted Kylie products, including an amazing NINE full-sized beauty treats for eyes, skin, body and lips, individually gift wrapped inside.

How much is the Swarovski Advent calendar worth? ›

The Swarovski Advent Calendar is priced at US$900.

What is the best British chocolate Advent calendar? ›

Best Budget British

The Godiva Chocolatier Holiday Gourmet Chocolate Advent Calendar is our top choice because of its wide selection of treats and premium Belgian chocolate created by artisans in small batches. For a budget option that won't disappoint, we recommend the Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar..

What is the most expensive advent calendar UK? ›

Lark & Berry, £10,000

Arguably the most expensive advent calendar on the market, this Lark and Berry jewellery advent calendar is even heralded by its own company as the most luxurious they've ever produced.

Is the Fortnum and Mason advent calendar worth it? ›

If you have ever visited Fortnum and Mason at Christmas, you will know what a truly magical place it is! So I'm super pleased that they are doing their beauty calendar again. It offers up a brilliant range of products in absolutely gorgeous packaging, plus it's amazing value for money.

Does IKEA sell advent calendars? ›

The Advent calendars are available in all IKEA stores from September 19th to December 1th 2022.

What is in the $3,500 Dior advent calendar? ›

After the first 10 days of unboxings, Jackie went on to tell viewers the calendar "is what it is, but it ain't that great." So to avoid drawing this out embarrassingly further, let me summarize the remaining boxes: a LOT of fragrances, a LOT of bars of soap, a single coaster (not a set), a candle snuffer, and a ...

Does Victoria Secret do an advent calendar? ›

1 Fragrance. This holiday Victoria's Secret advent calendar reveals 12 days of surprises. It's the present that keeps on giving.

Does Dior do an advent calendar? ›

Open each of the 24 windows of the Advent calendar one by one, and discover a new Dior surprise to fill each day in December until Christmas with magic and wonder.

What is the most expensive advent calendar watches? ›

Luxury online marketplace CHRONEXT is – yet again – counting down the days until Christmas in a rather unique fashion.

Does Body Shop have an advent calendar? ›

Countdown to the holidays with our new pop-up beauty Advent Calendars. Inspired by our Community Fair Trade partners, each Advent Calendar celebrates the women that help produce the body-loving ingredients found in our products.

How much is a Chanel advent calendar? ›

Chanel's limited edition advent calendar, priced at $1,025, has become the subject of backlash online after it left some consumers unimpressed. Strategists say it could serve as a reminder of how to market to a Gen Z audience.

Does Dove make an advent calendar? ›

The Dove advent calendar provides emotional highlights in a pampering winter cosmetic experience - even before the most beautiful day of the year. One gift at a time to bring joy to your loved one during the Advent season.

Are Amazon doing an advent calendar this year? ›

Good news: Christmas has officially come early. How, we hear you ask? The Amazon beauty advent calendar is back for another year and is officially available to purchase now. The 2022 Amazon Beauty Advent Calendaris packed with goodies from some of the retailer's best beauty brands.

What is in the Dior calendar? ›

The Dior Beauty advent calendar 2023 is wonderfully designed and contains 24 Dior miniature products such as makeup, skin-care and perfumes.

What are the contents of the Nespresso advent calendar? ›

Vertuo Advent Calendar

A treat that keeps on giving. PRICE INCL. VAT. 19 capsules of roast and ground coffee, 1 capsule of decaffeinated roast and ground coffee, 4 capsules of flavoured * roast and ground coffee for the NESPRESSO system.

What is a wine and cheese advent calendar? ›

A new Cheese Advent Calendar feature this year: The 24 snack-sized European cheeses behind each flap are made to pair perfectly with the wines in the Wine Advent Calendar. Aldi's boasts that pairing the two will make for “the best December ever!”

What are the 4 traditional Advent themes? ›

The most common Advent themes are hope, peace, joy, and love. Some traditions include lighting a different candle on a wreath each Sunday of Advent and reflecting a different theme.

How much is Dior's advent calendar worth? ›

Forget Chanel — Dior's $3,500 Advent Calendar Sparks Outrage.

What did Chanel say about advent calendar? ›

Asked whether this was the first time that Chanel produced an advent calendar, the executive said: “No, I don't think so, but it wasn't necessarily for sale.” He added that the 2021 calendar was produced in a very limited run, which was totally sold out.

Does Godiva make an Advent calendar? ›

Share this festive holiday tradition with your parents, cousins, or nieces and nephews by sending them a GODIVA advent calendar to kick off the holiday season. Calendar measures 10.52" W x 1.46" D x 10.52" H.

What's in the Aldi cheese Advent calendar? ›

Red Leicester, Gouda with a fiery bite, Truffle Cheddar, Edam, and Double Glouchester cheeses were included (as well as others) in the 24 imported mini cheese collection.

What is the gift in the Vertuo Advent calendar? ›

Behind each door is a different coffee, including three co-created with renowned architect of taste Pierre Hermé, as well as a little extra for the 24th day. Presented in a tasteful box, that can be used and reused, the calendar is filled with Vertuo Line coffees according to your preference.

What is in Costco wine advent calendar? ›

A Costco exclusive, this advent calendar contains 24 half-bottles of wine, with 375 ml. of wine per bottle. With this many holiday wines to sample, you'll be sure to maintain your Christmas spirit all month long.

How much is the Costco cheese Advent calendar? ›

Fans were so psyched to see the item's return this year that they hardly seemed to notice the cost increase. Priced at $49.99 last year, it now costs $54.99. Imported cheese prices are up over 13% since 2021, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service.

How much is the Aldi cheese Advent calendar? ›

Holiday Magic Wine Advent Calendar, $59.99. Beer Advent Calendar, $49.99. Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar, $39.99. Emporium Selection Advent Cheese Calendar, $16.99.

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