Going to EVERY Update in Gorilla Tag… (2023)


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All right guys.

So today we're gonna be going to every gorilla attack version well, technically, but um, right now we are in 1.0.0 the first release of the actual map, um and uh, right now.

The game is in 1.1.3 30., I think, but uh, yeah, we're just gonna be going so like every update uh, starting here.

So yeah, let's go check this out, wait the grass, doesn't, sound like grass.

It sounds like solid foreign, yes, dude as far as I'm going to do this.

Oh my, gosh, wow.




Look at this computer, oh my God.


Can you actually hear me? Yeah, that that's insane, oh, wait there's.

No, slippery walls.

I'm, pretty sure you can get all the map hold up.

Let me jump that's, crazy, there's, no, slippery walls, foreign bro.

All right, this is crazy and let's go to the next update all right? Guys.

So we're now in 1.0.5, um, okay, already so much has changed.



So the wall is now there's a slippery wall like Volcanion is like orange bro I.

Wanna see how weird this looks what the been here.

The hats bro, dude, wow, bro, oh, those aren't ready, dude.

The mirror bro all right.

This is crazy so much of audio change.

The graphics are better.


Different sound effects.

I think let me check the grass.

Let me check the grass, I, don't think I don't think he might have done it.

Oh, yeah, it's still his name.

But this, oh, yeah, this is here.

Now this is here now that's one thing I changed I'm in 1.0.5 forgot to tell you that we're in 1.0.5.


This is crazy all right, uh, let's.

Go to the next one all right guys.

We are now in 1.1.0 city map has been added.

This is not here.

Uh, this is let's.

Go check out the studio.

Oh, oh we were talking about these cosmetic, oh my gosh.


So this was the first release of the city map, Cosmetics I thought, it was the fall.

Update I, don't know why? Oh my gosh, so there's like nothing in here.

Wow, this place is like dead.

Okay, oh, yeah.

The buildings haven't, fallen I forgot.

This fell so used to it.

Why is the rain? So loud, Jesus, all right, let's just go to the next updates 1.1.1.

Oh, this is the first uh, seasonal, uh, Halloween, uh, see, the first seasonal Cosmetics team on this update wow, I've, never seen these like I've, never seen these like out of this out of the flashback.

So they look the exact same isn't that crazy guys isn't that.

So so let's go I.

Think the next one is the fall update.

So yeah.

So this is before, oh wait the fault.

Oh, this is the fall update.

Okay, all right so we're in the fall, update, uh, I, didn't know, I didn't say that it was, oh wait, oh yeah, I'm in the Patcher.

Oh yeah, yeah.

It's the fall.




All these beautiful Cosmetics that are coming soon by the way guys in probably a few weeks or like two I, don't know, but yeah, so not much has changed it's about the same besides that, uh, the game feels smoother and there's more sounds like he made out of those sounds.

Let me see, yeah, he added the grass.


So, yeah, this is like a this has a big update.

Yeah, so, yeah, let's go to the next one all right guys.

So, uh, this is the Christmas update, um, besides all this changing and all that, uh, not much has changed besides like all this.

But the game still is like feels the same and all that.

Um, yo, let me go check out the Cosmetics because uh, I own a few.

Yeah, this is this update you can't, buy anything.

Obviously, these will be coming back in a few months, though all right so, uh, yeah, oh let's let's.

Go to the next update all right.

So five more updates later we are in 1.1.15, uh, the Christmas is gone.

And now Hunt is here? Oh wait.

No, oh, my bad guys.

My bad.

This is the spring update I thought it was a household.

So this is a spring.


This is the spring one before, um, those branches or whatever came.

So yeah, uh, that's.

All that's changed.

The I don't think parkour maps here yet, yeah, I know, I I didn't, remember, oh, wait Mountains mountain.

Okay, this is not the beta, but this is a early version.

But yes now, following yes, city has followed now.


Now let's go to the next update.

Oh yeah, and they added the purple.

Slippery ones are red or whatever because they've been caught a lot of things.

So yeah, the house of Dana is not gonna be shown in this video because I can't find it and I don't think it's in the update thing.

So yeah, so this is the rainy update, uh, worst, Cosmetics probably side to the house I just want to see the house because it's it'll take kinda kinda all right.

So, yeah, this update sucked balls let's, go to, um music, update here, uh, these aren't here yet.

But these are the guitars we're, not here yet and you're, not gonna see them.

But, um, yeah, these are all the um, this, uh, update not much else has changed besides that I'm.

Pretty sure this is all this update was.

So yeah, now let's go to the next update.

Yeah, uh, I just I'll just shut up and uh, yeah.




The something was decent it's because the music update was there for so long.

This update like was really good because this music update was there for a really long time.

It was a few months.

But yeah, these is the um Cosmetics.


The only a lot changes in something.

This is a big update Figaro attack.

There's, a campfire green.

It was a big update, um, yeah.

Let's go to the next one.

Yeah, totally didn't just see these like a few weeks ago.

But okay, um, yeah, uh, y'all should I know what this is.

So um, let's go to the next update.

Oh I.

See, these are beautiful Cosmetics, they're, totally on you in the game that totally aren't in the game already, and you totally haven't seen them because, oh, wow, this is so cool now that's the end of the video thanks for watching love.

You go get a.


How do I fix my Gorilla Tag not updating? ›

  1. First, hard reboot your headset by putting it on and holding the power button down for 40-50 seconds. Once you cycle back to your main screen, you're good.
  2. Next, log out of your mobile app and then log back in.
  3. Finally, uninstall and reinstall the app one more time.

Is it illegal to mod Gorilla Tag? ›

There's been a misunderstanding on what mods can and cannot be used. These mods mainly go by "Legal mods" and "Illegal mods". No you aren't gonna get arrested for illegal mods, but you will get banned.

What's the rarest cosmetic in Gorilla Tag? ›

Finally, the rarest cosmetic in Gorilla. Tag history is the admin badge. This badge belongs to only one lemming.

Can you get long arms in Gorilla Tag? ›

Press the “Accessiblity” button to open the accessibility menu. Then press the “Motion” tab on the left hand side. You'll see a few options, but the one that we want here is the “Height Adjustment” option. Click on the slider next to it so that it is blue.

What are cursed Gorilla Tag codes? ›

The Gorilla Tag Ghost Codes that are working as of February 2023 are:
  • Banjo.
  • Chippd.
  • Echo.
  • Hunt.
  • I see you.
  • J3vu.
  • Morse.
  • Pbbc.
Feb 3, 2023

Why is Gorilla Tag 20 dollars? ›

According to the developers, the PC version had too many cheaters, so they added a $20 price to discourage them. You do get $20 worth of in-game currency though. The Quest version is free, the PC version (from Meta or Steam) used to be free, but now costs money.

How much shiny rocks is $20? ›

With purchase, receive 5,000 Shiny Rocks FREE (a $20 value!)

Why isn t Gorilla Tag free anymore? ›

Sadly, because we want and need to focus on the future of the game, we've made the difficult decision to charge for the Steam version as an extra deterrent for players evading bans. Everyone who buys it will get $20 worth of shiny rocks for free to balance things out.

Does Gorilla Tag cost money 2023? ›

While the base game is free, you can also purchase the Gorilla Tag launch bundle for $19.99 USD, which includes: 10,000 Shiny Rocks (a 2x value)

Why is my Gorilla Tag not installing? ›

Try power cycling your Quest headset (power off completely then turn back on) and re-connect to your WiFi. If the problem persists past this, click here to submit a ticket.

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