BOAT ! Elsa & Anna toddlers at Camp - Barbie - treasure box - water fun (2023)


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In this toys dolls parody video little Anna and Elsa are still at the camp. See them waking up , taking their breakfast and enjoying a boat ride with lots of surprises and adventures. Enjoy!  

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Hi guys, we known about water it's a new day.

The sun is shining let's, go Abigail time to wake up the campers it's, a really nice and warm day.

Here we go good morning.

Boys it's time to start the day.

We have a fun activity planned rise and shine girls.

It's morning.

Come on can't, wait to start a new day.

Oh, girlies, it's time to wake up.

Did you girls have a good night's sleep? Oh it's.

Still our tent.

I forgot Anya, wake up time to wake up see last night, II, you said that you couldn't sleep.

But this morning you were sleeping like a piglet, Oh, Anya, I knew it would work trick.

You trick you tricked.

You heat, hmm, I was not very funny.

You know, well let's go eat some breakfast, I'm, sure, there's, pancakes in Syria what's for breakfast.

Well, glad you asked, we have lots of goodies.

We have cereal and milk.

We have pancakes.

Well, can't, forget also about fruit.

And we also have cinnamon toast and axe.

And for the drink today, we have smoothies so time for breakfast and guys.


We are going to go on the river with the boat it was excited.

Breakfast is ready.

Breakfast is served let's grab some food.

Then we can eat on the carpet.

Yep, let's, see what delicious choices.

There are pancakes on.

Yeah, but you have to pick something healthy too.

Oh, yeah, hmm.

Some yoghurt Tommy.

What would you like to eat today? Cereal all right? I'll get this one and I will also take some eggs come over here on the colorful blanket, coming I, got my tray of food there we go chocolate cereal, love.

It pour in the milk, YUM I'm, gonna put some honey on my piece of bread.

Look at this bear, ooh, I'd like some fruit, delicious whoo, fresh hot, baguettes.


My favorite breakfast is always milk, croissants, love, milk since everyone's, finished breakfast.

Now we can go on our trip to the lake now on the boat before we go I want to want to bring a water bottle and make a line follow us all right? Everyone's, ready.

But before we go I'm gonna spray everyone with some mosquito spray.

The tickles, yeah, but now they won't come to you.

Yep, hmm, yeah, you're, right.

But I'm, pretty sure it's gonna get sunny later.

Come on let's.


Okay, here we go.

Yeah, buh.

Buh, buh, buh, yes, vote.

The hoots, vote, vote, vote we're here at the lake and look here's our boat.

Ready for us.

Come on everyone.

Okay, I'm so excited.

Uncle first time to get this boat into the water there we go all right who wants to sit in the back seat.

We want to you.

Okay, one at a time who's coming I'll.

Go first all right.

Come over here, sit over there.

How do you it's so excited? Yeah, oh, wait.

Wait me, too all right? We can fit one more person who was the last one I'll go with Dexter sure, okay, thanks.

And now who wants to sit on the bench here? We want to you.


So there are some steps over here just turn around.

They can go down like this.





First, yep, perfect and sit over there.

Okay, there we go and one more person, oh, sit with Elsie and Anya.

Yeah, right - we're ready to go across the lake we're, floating it's.

So peaceful here here we go.

Oh, yeah.


Guess what legend has it if your boat is pink, you will attract the sea monster.

Yeah, but our boat is not, oh wait.

A second.

It is.


So you better beware, but is it actually true this time? Yeah, I'm serious Oh else.

Yeah, that's.

Not true.


See, Oh, No.

Okay, I'm gonna row the boat.

So we can move along we're goin on about going on a boat.

It did you it's? So peaceful here, this is so much fun.

I can hear something tapping and gets the boat.

What is that? Oh, it's.


What are these those are floating devices? They help the boat to be lighter Oh.

Interesting, oh.

And this floaty is for people who can't swim the sea monster.

Don't, go close to it.

No sue me.

It was like some sort of bottle, I think, no don't.

Go back.

It might be the sea monster.

Oh yeah, I was just joking.

Yeah, but remember it has it the boat is pink you'll see, oh, oh, oh yeah.

It's a legend or could it be true? It's, not too far let's.

Go see what it is paddle paddle, paddle, we're getting closer, oh, yeah, we're, turning along see, ya? What is that that pink thing over there? I'll see, ya, oh that's just a fish.

You sure it's a fish go fishing with my dad they're safe in the water that's, how you do it? Well done Dexter.

Thanks guys.

The fish was cool, but that wasn't what I saw it was like it was a poodle.

Don't worry else.

Yeah, we're going there now is it that? Yes, I think I can reach and grab it really I.

Think I can reach it.

There I got it you're, right? It wasn't bottle, but wait it's, not empty it's.

A message actually, find something, whoa, whoa.

What is it? Let me see can I.

Take it out? Whoa way off this part broke.

No way.

Guys, I think I actually found a treasure map Joy's treasure like in store whites and I think we can actually do it it's about this Lake.

It says, over there with the first clueless, hmm, I, got it.

You need to find a special show guys, I don't think we should look for the treasure I don't.

Even think this map is real.

Please, please.

We really want to try please.

Please treasure treasure.

Come on it's gonna be fun for the kids let's, just try all right all right on a treasure hunt.

We go.

Yes, I know, show's over there, shells, shells.

Let's, stop.

Here can I see if the next clue is over there, sure, okay, so excited, mmm, but there's, three shells, I wonder, which one it could be under this lip.

What about this one? Nah, oh, well, then it has to be this.

One let's see, what is that it's? Another clue guys I got it it's, a dolphin, but does that mean we're supposed to find a dolphin now I'm starting to think that this is not really true because adult things don't live in a lake.

Well, maybe it's a special one I say, we keep on looking let's.

Go find a dog did I tell you let's see what she's up to he's so cute, hmm.

Do you have the next clue for us? You do? Can you show it to us, please I think she's coming back, hmm.

She has a Linux clue on her, hmm, pineapple, well, where can we find a pineapple that's weird? Thank you for your help.


Okay, make a special dolphin could be real.

But two pineapple at the lake I don't think.

So but come on I bet, we're so close, we can't give up now I agree with us.

Yeah, this is actually becoming interesting.


Go find the pineapple, yes, but it's hard to steer there.

All right the waters, much Spiller now.

So we can go well, there's someone there.

Hello, hi guys.

Congratulations for almost completing the quest there's.

One more step.

Oh now I get.

It was this part of our adventure.

I can of course we knew it all along.

We pretended not to know.

So we can make in for you guys in that that's, our friend Sienna, right there.

She helped us look at their faces.

They worked so well they have so much fun.

But wait guys, remember there's.

One more step left.

Let me tell you what this next step is there.

You are quarrel.

And yet, the dolphin that you met is my dolphin I trade.

Her Wow coral is so cute.

So the last and final step is for someone to go snorkeling and locate the treasure underwater who's, the best swimmer here who wants to do it I swim.

Well can I do it.

We got our swimmer I'm gonna lead you there with my swimming I'm gonna go in the water treasure treasure off to find some treasure.

Alright, there it is you see it what's, your name Dylan, nice to meet you Dylan here, you're gonna put this on cool and then you're gonna get the treasure.

Alright, here I, go and he's, almost there pies.

You got it he's coming good job.

Dylan, yeah.


Did it here? I'll.

Help you up.

Thank you.

You go.


Good job.

Dylan that good job.


Everyone all right and here's your treasure.

Congratulations for completing the quest.

Yes, there's the treasure and come on out.

Everyone, yeah.

A treasure.

We found treasure treasure can't, wait to see what's in there.

And we went on an amazing hunt.

It was so fun glad you had fun treasure treasure treasure.

Yes, we'll open it together inside.

Huh? A starfish.

Oh, this treasure hunting for a starfish wait.

But how can that be in the treasure? Wait? A second what's, this weird button over here, Oh? What kind of flips what's this treasure? Oh, I, see, gold, coin, whoa and necklaces and glasses.

Cool, Wow.

I want this necklace so cute when I want these sunglasses since you found the treasure it's all yours, you can take whatever you want, and you can keep it all these pretty necklaces.

No I want this one.

How pretty it is I can't, wait to show mommy, oh, nice.

What should I pick I like these? Yellow, sunglasses, Wow, oh and look at mine it's at this gold necklace I.

So much do I look cool guys who you sure do look cool.

But well, guys look there's something colorful in there, they're, special walks they're.

So colorful, look at that pink and blue one.

These ones are nice.

These are so cool mine.

This one, my favorite color is pink.

So look at this bright pink rock treasure treasure.

We found the treasure for more videos, go to our Channel and subscribe.

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