Big Problem With Ford Motorhomes -- This Cost Us A Lot Of Money! (2023)


Hi everyone and welcome back to another video. In this video address what we believe is a big problem with Ford motorhome warranty claims. We share with you what happened to us and how the problem was resolved.

Ford Fleet Customer Service:
Rhonda Spencer Ford Fleet Customer Service Manager: 1-888-333-9115 ext.77291

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If you own a ford motorhome, this is really really important for you to watch in today's.


Izzy is going to talk to you about the horrible experience.

We had with ford.

What you can do to be your own advocate if something similar happens.

And what we did ultimately to get it resolved all right.

So like mj said, we're going to talk about a problem.

We had dealing with ford in our motor home.

So this all started back in september.

If you remember we had a trip out to indiana, and we actually went to a service center to fix a problem that came from the factory that could have potentially been a really big problem for us.

We will link the video above, but just the cliff note version.

What happened was one of our wheel seals actually was leaking and all the diff fluid had leaked out.

Thankfully, it was caught on a routine service that we had paid for at mass service center.

They picked it up.

It could have been a real big problem for us.

If we head back to new jersey, we probably have been stuck on the side of the road.

The techs there were pretty confident that this was an issue coming out of the factory simply because of the low mileage.

And actually when they pulled everything out, they found that some of the bolts were not torqued to spec, which is probably what caused the seal to be damaged.

Now being that this was a warranty claim.

We were under both the years and the mileage.

So according to mass service center, we should have been under warranty what we called four different dealerships, commercial fleet, dealerships for ford.

And they were in indiana, none of them.

Well, some of them didn't even answer the call, and none of them would take us it wasn't because they didn't have the facilities to do.

So they did.

They just didn't want to work on motorhomes.

That is the first thing that we think is a real problem with ford.

Now, as a result of us, not being able to get into a ford dealership to get our problem fixed under warranty, which is what should have been done.

We had to pay mass service center mass was nothing, but professional they had our coach fixed within actually a couple days.

But a few days was to get the parts.

And then once they got the parts.

It was fixed the same day.

We haven't had a problem since as a result, we had to pay out of pocket in excess of one thousand dollars.

Okay that didn't sit well with me, but I kind of accepted it because I just didn't want to deal.

You know, it was fixed didn't want to deal with it on the way home.

We had a check engine.

Light came on.

Nothing was really that we felt driving was a problem, but it was something I just want to have addressed.

It was getting toward the end of the season.

I figured let's, take it in to our normal ford service center that we dealt with last year when we had our routine maintenance let's, just take it in there, it's, not far from us.

Have it dealt with well, I call that service center.

And for the purpose of this video I'm, not going to call out dealerships because that's not what we're about, but it's, a dealership in new jersey, commercial fleet, dealership.

And we found out that they just no longer service motor homes, not because they didn't have the bays, not because they didn't have the ability just because they don't do it.

Thank you for calling, hi I'm, looking to bring my motor home in and make an appointment.


So we don't work on motorhome, sir, okay.

You guys used to work on them.

You don't work on them anymore.

We don't work on them anymore.

Do you know anybody that in the area that works on them I'm, not necessarily sure to be honest, sir all right? Thank you that didn't sit? Well, with me, I called four other dealerships.

So five dealerships within a 60 mile range ford commercial dealerships.

Now, if you go on ford's commercial fleet website, they have the dealerships that service their commercial fleets as well as the base sizes.

And the dealerships that I call all had the capability to service our motor home.

They just they just didn't.

Do it in my opinion, our opinion is that if ford is selling motor homes, they're selling at 53 chassis dealerships should be required to service ford products.

And that is not what's happening in at least where we are here in the northeast in northern new jersey and out by elkhart, indiana, that was not happening either.

So now that this had happened to us two times, I was not happy.

And now I wanted to readdress the issue with the warrant.

I wasn't going to let it go anymore.

And maybe a lot of people do let it go.

And and I was one of those people that were going to do it.

But now we had two instances where I was clearly under warranty.

We paid a lot of money for this motorhome.

And I just didn't feel.

It was right.

So I called ford's customer service.

The number was provided to us by the dealership that had serviced our coach last year.

I kind of gave them a little bit of a hard time on the phone.

I wanted an answer.

They gave me the corporate number, the fleet management to call I called them.

And essentially what they told me was that it's up to the dealership who and who they don't want to service the dealership saying, we don't want to service your motorhome call corporate corporate is saying, well, there's not much.

We can really do call the dealership.

And and I really wasn't happy.

Mj was there when I was on the phone, and I was just not taking no.

I finally got the number to a woman named ronda she's.

I believe manager of the fleet customer service.

I give a lot of credit to rhonda because rhonda actually was the only one that seemed to care from anybody that we dealt with with ford ronda advised me that ford actually does have a program to reimburse for warranty claims things that were paid out for the very reason that the predicament we were in.

So what she told me was that I would have to go to a local ford dealership, see the service manager or somebody in warranty claims and submit, a claim the invoice from wherever we had our coach fixed with a detailed, uh list of what was fixed, and they would submit it to ford for reimbursement.

So we did that september 22nd 2020 this year I went to a local dealership again, I won't mention names.

And I saw the service manager service manager was very nice came out.

Met me in person.

I submitted everything to them along with the appropriate paperwork and my current home address.

And this is going to be very important for later on in the video you're, not going to want to miss what happened with later on I'll, leave it that way.

So I spoke to the manager.

He told me it would be 7 to 14 days before things were submitted.

He didn't see a problem.

He looked at the invoice.

He said, everything looks good.

You should have a check within seven to 14 days.

So the service manager, he provided me with his email his phone number.

He said, if you have any questions, give me a call, you should be hearing from us.

You know, within the next couple of weeks.

So on october 6, I emailed the service manager from the unnamed dealership, just to see what the status was.

So what this led to was a series of multiple phone calls unanswered emails and I'm, not the type of person to hound somebody I understand if it takes time, that's, fine, I would just expect a mutual courtesy.

If I email you or I call you once twice three times over several weeks, just shoot me, an email, hey, it's been submitted, here's, the status, that's.

All I care.

I just wanted to know that this stuff was set out.

What happened was that that communication broke down whether they were too busy, whether they just couldn't be bothered.

I don't know, the reason why, but there was no communication between me and the dealership.

What I did wind up doing was calling rhonda again and advising her.

And this was after probably close to a month advising her.

You know, what was going on? I was kind of not in the loop on what was going on, and you know, rhonda was understanding, and she did agree that at the very minimum, the dealer should just keep us updated.

She did advise me that normally it takes about six to eight weeks, which is fine.

I wish I was told that from the beginning.

So we waited it out a little bit and ultimately in november, this is what happened.

So on november 20th 2020, I received an email from rhonda.

And I just want to follow up throughout this whole incident once rhonda was made aware of the lack of communication between myself and the dealership she followed up with me weekly.

I didn't have to email her.

She just shot me out a quick email, hey, just want to know how everything's going have you heard anything from the dealership.

If the answer was always no, she would reach out to the dealership.

She had told me that her herself was not getting answers from the dealership, but she kept me in the loop.

Anyway, november 20th 2020.

She advised me that the dealership had a check ready for me.

Apparently the dealership sent the check to an address, they had on file, uh, when mj first bought her car that we haven't lived there in four years.

So they sent the check out to an old address.

And then it was later returned to them.

And when I looked at the address, it was completely different than what I had submitted the information to them in the beginning.

So again, a lack of attention to detail.

This could have easily been resolved if the emails were answered, where do you want the check to be sent? You know, we got the check company.

None of that was done.

Ultimately we did get a check.

And the check was the amount of 965.44 so kudos to ford for actually paying that amount.

But customers out there people that own these rvs do not be discouraged by the dealerships, whether it's purposeful or not whether ford's doing this on purpose.

Not I don't know, I don't know the answer, but two things need to be addressed.

Number one, dealerships, commercial fleet, dealerships should be required to service to motorhomes.

If ford is selling them.

They should be required to service them.

Okay, they're selling those products.

Number two.

There needs to be some addressing on customer service.

Now ronda seems to have that down perfectly.

She works for corporate.

She understands the value of customer service.

I know where I'm at when I'm at work, and somebody calls me whether that's another agency or a victim or a complaint.

I take the time to call them back because that is decent human communication, right? That's.

What you do with people you don't, leave them hanging it's, not fair to them.

So we felt this video was appropriate and necessary to tell the people out there.

The ford owners that if you find yourself in this predicament do not give up, we will put the links below to the corporate fleet.


I will also put the link to the the phone number for ronda.

If you have the same problem, she is very accommodating and understanding in the comments below.

If you've had an experience with ford warranty claims, has it been different than ours if it has been what part of the country are you in also put in the comments below have, you had an experience similar to ours, and what did you do to resolve that and for myself and mj we.

Thank you guys for watching and we'll see you on the road.


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Mar 20, 2023

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How many miles per gallon does a 6.8 V10 get? ›

It is getting 14.5-15 mpg highway and about 10 mpg city.

Is V10 better than V8 engine? ›

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How much horsepower does a Ford F53 V10 have? ›

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Called stripped chassis, these incomplete vehicles consist of a Built Ford Tough ladder-frame truck chassis equipped with engine, transmission, available instrumentation, steering, brakes, alternator, wiring assemblies, fuel tank, wheels and tires.

What engine is in the F53? ›

7.3L V8 Gas Engine.

How many miles per gallon does a V10 e450 get? ›

7.5 MPG, . 5 less pulling the toad. We average around 8. Sometimes as high as 10, sometimes as low as 7.

How many gallons does a V10 hold? ›

Capacities and Specifications - 6.8L Triton-30V - V10
Fuel tank (incomplete vehicle, steel tank, middle location)28 gal (106 L)
Fuel tank (pickup)35 gal (132 L)
Fuel tank (incomplete vehicle , steel tank, aft axle location)40 gal (151 L)
A/C refrigerant29 oz (0.82 kg)
12 more rows

What is the gas mileage in a Class C motorhome with the Ford V10? ›

Depends on the RPM that you run, and the tranny. We run around 2000 RPM (about 62 MPH) with the 6 speed transmission, and get around 11 MPG to 11.5 MPG depending on wind and temperature. Also when we can get gas without ethanol, that gives a couple of tenths better mileage.

What is the typical MPG for a motorhome? ›

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